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 Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre, NSW Australia


Directed by Adam Deusien

Set Design by Karl Shead

Costume Design by Natasha Soonchild

Lighting Design by Becky Russell

Technical Director - Andy Cavenagh

Stage Manager - Sophie Jones


Performed by

Lauren Gemmel, Tess Waldron, Elizabeth Lamb, Lucy Harrison, Fiona Green, Zoe Rodwell, Ben Morris, Lilian Silk, Thomas Druitt, Ben Cole, Ella Cook, Amy Whitfield, Romy Clugston, Rebekah Kordas and Nicolas Adams




A bold, bright and blunt re-imaginng of the ancient Greek creation story, Titanomachy is a physical theatre event of  mythic proportions. Set in a world  where the Olympian Gods have begun to resemble all too familiar Gen-Y'ers, mother Earth Gaea sets free the original rulers of the world, the Titans, in order restore balance to a world on the edge of annihilation. Inciting a re-match that will decide the fate of the world, Gaea holds the fate of all in her hands, hoping not to have to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Titanomachy is a  visceral, explosive and in-your-face jam on the current environmental crisis and a plea from Earth herself to always imagine the bigger picture. 


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