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by Aristophanes


Ponton Theatre, Bathurst


Directed by Adam Deusien

Produced by CYCLE Productions and the School of Communication & Creative Industries, Charles Sturt University


Performed, designed and managed by Final Year Theatre/Media students, 2014






In May 2014 Third year Theatre/Media students presented their modern adaptation of Aristophanes’ ancient Greek comedy, Lysistrata.


This adaptation retells the story of a group of women fighting for the control of Athens to put a stop to the Peloponnesian War. Their weapon - abstaining from sex.This version of the play was reconceptualised to be set in 1940’s wartime, performed in a cabaret style drawing from the atmosphere of a USO show. Accompanied by the talented and charming  ‘Athenian Sisters’, inspired by the well-known and loved ‘Andrew Sisters’, they’ve arrived to entertain the troops.



Playing with a goofy and an increasingly exaggerated reality the play explores the power of sexuality and accommodates a controversial discussion of feminist ideals. The battle of the sexes has never had more at stake; power, peace, independence and SEX. An immersive experience, Lysistrata provided a  fun, kitch chance to re-examine this ancient classic in a post-feminist world.  

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