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The Fox; or Volpone 

by Ben Jonson

adapted by Adam Deusien


"The comic timing is spot on, elevating this tawdry tale of greed and lust to dizzying heights of disarming mirth. This is an ambitious production on grand scale that it is not to be missed."

Full review can be found here.


Directed by Adam Deusien

Performed, designed and managed by Final Year Theatre/Media Students of 2017.







As heirless Volpone fakes a long term illness,  the other wealthy scavenger birds of the city circle, hoping to land the spot as sole heir of his fortune. But Mosca, Volpone's right hand man, has wound in his way into everyone's ear, and what he plans can't be as simple as it seems.

An outrageous Jacobean comedy adapted for the contemporary stage, THE FOX (also known as VOLPONE) thrusts Ben Jonson's play into the world of the young wealthy elite, who have no care and no responsibility, except to keep their status, power and pleasure.


Photography by Jaimi-Lee Bennett

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