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by Lingua Franca



"There is much, much more to recommend about Mighty, especially its moments of hilarity, but suffice to say that it is very moving and memorable a celebration of collective creativity and how the fragile human condition is capable of mighty things. This exceptional regional production not to be missed."


Created by the company 

Director - Adam Deusien 

Collaborating Visual Artist/Sculptor - Harrie Fasher 

Technical Director / Lighting Designer - Becky Russell 

Costume Designer - Annemaree Dalziel 

Composer - Aaron Hopper 

Stage Manager - Heidi Annand 

Performed by – Alison Plevey, Carolyn Eccles, David Jackson, Tanya Rodin and Kate Smith 





 Drawing on physical theatre, dance, circus and verbatim theatre, MIGHTY is an exploration of strength in our modern times. In a world of aggression, brutality and intolerance where is the space for grace, vulnerability and empathy in the way we lead and the ways we relate to each other and our world?


MIGHTY is an ambitious full length work that asks what is it to be strong in today’s world by exploring how we behave when we are our most vulnerable. The work draws on hours of interviews with people from all walks of life, as well as found materials like political speeches and philosophical texts and is created using physical theatre, dance, circus, comedy and music.

Bathurst’s own interdisciplinary performance company Lingua Franca presents this original work in a landscape of large scale steel sculptures created by award winning visual artist Harrie Fasher.


At times a solemn reflection on when we feel at our weakest and at others a bawdy, raucous extravaganza of physical prowess, MIGHTY is a highly physical and moving interrogation of how we build strength for ourselves and our communities and an exciting collaborationbetween physical performance and visual art.

Photography by Phil Blatch

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